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Information about leadership and fellowship opportunities, awards and competitions.

Leadership Opportunities

NCPA Executive Council Resident Fellow Member Representative (RFM Rep)

Each year, a RFM Rep is selected to represent their residency program on the NCPA Executive Council for one year. Each RFP Rep is a voting member on the Executive Council and serves as a conduit from their training program to NCPA leadership. Nominations are sought in April.

NCPA Committees

Participation on an NCPA Committee is a great way to network with colleagues, gain experience and achieve leadership positions, and contribute to the overall goals of NCPA. Most committees seek new members in May, however appointments can be made throughout the year.

Resident Fellow Member Trustee (RFMT)

Each year, an RFMT-Elect is elected nationally by the membership to serve on the APA Board of Trustees for one year, and continues to serve an additional year as the full RFMT. Applications are due October 1 for a term to begin the following May.

Assembly Committee of Area Resident-Fellow Members (ACORF)

ACORF provides APA Assembly representation for resident and fellow members of the APA. Committee members are elected by their Area Council (seven in all), and serve two sequential one-year terms, the first as Area RFM Deputy Representative, and the second as Area RFM Representative. Application deadlines vary by District Branch. Applications due May 1.

APA Fellowship Opportunities

The APA and American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF) offer a variety of fellowships to advance your training in leadership, government affairs, public and community psychiatry, and more. These fellowships are funded by the APA, the APAF, and various outside organizations through federal and private grants. Applications are due January 30. Find application instructions and deadlines at

APA Scholar Program

The APA Scholar Program is a way for residents and medical students to be reimbursed for their APA Annual Meeting registration fees in exchange for attending and reporting on at least three sessions at the Annual Meeting. To be considered for the APA Scholar program, register for the meeting then apply online by May 1.

Chief Resident-Fellow Listserv

A special resource for APA Chief Residents and Fellows to engage with colleagues, share common experiences, discover new resources, and find leadership opportunities. Join the listserv by emailing: [email protected].

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Fellowship Opportunities

North Carolina offers a spectrum of fellowship programs tailored to elevate your expertise and impact. At the North Carolina Psychiatric Association, we take immense pride in fostering an environment that nurtures growth, innovation, and wellbeing.







Other Fellowships

APA Fellowships

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Awards and Competitions

NCPA Poster Session

NCPA recognizes the best resident posters at the Resident Poster session during the NCPA Annual Meeting.

Resident Recognition Award

Presented annually to a psychiatric resident from each department or institution who exemplified APA Values. Apply by: March 31.

100% Club for Residency Training Programs

The APA 100% Club was established to encourage residents throughout the United States and Canada to join the APA with fellow trainees in their programs. The deadline for enrolling general psychiatry residents is December 31 in order to qualify your training program for 100% Club Membership for the current training year. To learn more about the 100% Club and it's benefits, click here

Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators

Provides guidance, mentorship, and encouragement to young investigators in the early phases of their training. Held during the APA Annual Meeting. Apply by: December 15.


A fun, educational activity that challenges residents on patient care and medical knowledge. The preliminary round takes place in February, and the three top scoring programs complete the final round during the APA Annual Meeting.

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