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Cannabis Use and Mental Health

Just released - Cannabis Use and Mental Health: A Critical Review of Risks and Benefits - a monograph written by members of NCPA and the Addiction Committee intended to meet the need for a summary statement of what is known from scientific research efforts about the effects of use of cannabis products on the mental health of those who are using at varying ages and levels of vulnerability. Learn more at www.CannabisUseAndMentalHealth.com or order a copy today.

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The North Carolina Psychiatric Association is a professional medical organization that represents more than 900 psychiatrists statewide; it is the district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. Members receive many member benefits, including dual membership in the state and national associations.

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Looking for a New Psychiatrist?

Our Find a Doctor search may be able to help you find a new psychiatrist. The psychiatrists listed in this directory are NCPA members who have chosen to submit the information about their practices to this directory. Individual physicians are responsible for the accuracy of this information; NCPA does not make patient referrals.

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