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CPT Coding, DSM-5, & ICD-10 Information

The last few years have brought major changes to the way psychiatrists diagnose, code and bill for their patients' treatment. 

DSM-5 Resources

ICD-10 Resources

The 2021 release of ICD-10CM Includes new, updated or deleted codes for medical conditions. A handful of these changes pertain to medical disorders that go into effect October 1, 2021.Download a quick-reference guide to the changes

The CDC has updated the ICD-10-CM with 11 new diagnosis codes describing social determinants of health. These new Z codes were created to provide additional information regarding data such as housing, food insecurity, or transportation. 

View the Changes Here


CPT Coding


Medicare Resources

Medicare was created in 1965 as part of the Social Security Act. The program was divided into two parts. Part A is hospital insurance and helps to pay for care provided in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, nursing home, or hospice. It covers the room, board, and ancillary charges billed directly by the facility. The covered portion of expenses is based on the number of days the patient has received care. Part B covers the professional services of physicians and nonphysician healthcare providers and a variety of outpatient services including x-rays, laboratory work, and durable medical equipment. As a psychiatrist, you will almost always be working with Part B.

Medicare Resources>>

PDL and Prior Authorization

NCPA’s Executive Council convened a task force in 2015 on prior authorizations (PAs) and the Medicaid preferred drug list (PDL) in response to members’ concerns about the ever-increasing number of prior authorizations being required by insurers. We've compiled several resources to assist with PAs (including appeals) and have developed guidelines for responsible prescribing. 

See Prior Authorization Resources>>

Practice Management

We've compiled several resources to assist with your Practice Management needs. Should you have additional questions, the APA has a Practice Management Helpline that puts you in contact with staff in the APA’s Office of Healthcare Systems and Financing who will provide assistance with problems you are encountering in your practice. Call 800-343-4671.

See Practice Management Resources>>

Medicaid & Community Psychiatry Resources

Working with Medicaid can be confusing. We have tried to compile resources to help you navigate the public mental health system in North Carolina. Of course, please contact us if you encounter problems or have concerns not addressed by these resources. 

See Medicaid Resources>>
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