NC DHHS - Addictions Medical Director

Description of Work:

The Addictions Medical Director directly reports to the Chief Medical Officer for Behavioral Health and IDD and works collaboratively with other members of the office to meet key office responsibilities, such as: coordination of medical disciplines across the behavioral health and IDD systems, providing medical expertise in program/system development, clinical policy, complex case management and system quality of care, as well as, setting medically related policies, procedures, and quality metrics. The Addictions Medical Director will provide medical expertise for both the MH/IDD/SUD/TBI service delivery system, and the state operated facilities with a focus on developing consistent, evidence-based, clinical care for substance use disorders across the system. In addition, this position will be part of the core team supervising patient safety reviews and conducting treatment system gaps analysis.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Develop policy recommendations and treatment guidelines for substance use disorders within the state facilities by utilizing the medical literature and outcome data. 
  • Participate in a broad range of clinical policy, programmatic, and strategic issues within DMH/DD/SAS related to the treatment of substance use disorders.
  • Provide addictions treatment expertise to the DMH/DD/SAS's quality management program and in the development and implementation of service definitions related to substance use disorders.
  • Provide technical assistance to clinical staff at all facilities and the LME/MCO's regarding complex cases.

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